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Filled with amazing and inspired designs, an adult coloring book and journal that taps into the creative spirit in all of us, devised by the celebrated American artist. Zio Ziegler has exhibited from Tokyo to London, and painted murals globally, some of which adorn major technology companies. Ziegler’s work reflects the diverse influences of late medieval and quattrocento painting, aboriginal, African and naive art, and the European graffiti movement. Driven by intuition and depicted with a playful use of space and materials, his subject matter reflects the human condition, with reference to allegorical, mythical, and artistic lineage. Now, Ziegler applies his artistry to this stunning adult coloring book and journal filled with artwork, inspirational quotes, stories behind his art, and color foldouts of his completed work. A unique collaboration between artist and reader, Collaborate with Zio goes beyond standard coloring books. Black-and-white line drawings that can be filled in with markers, paint, crayons, or pencils, are interspersed with photos of the artist’s murals and other color art. Ziegler shares stories about his works—why he painted them, mistakes he made along the way, the influences that have inspired him—as well as anecdotes and insights that will stimulate every reader’s individual creativity and imagination.