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Human motion detection Action way: PIR Sensor. By adopting the technology of PnP plug and play can be timely monitor screen is passed on to the user's mobile phone/computer and it is remote. User even if born in field also can see children in the home through the device clear images and can through the mobile phone and care for the intercom/listening. At the same time can be very convenient to save the image or video on mobile phone or in the care of TF card (TF card needs) by advertisers. Remote monitoring products also can be used as a security guard. Millions of HD built-in IR_CUT unbiased color good quality. Support two-way voice built-in PTZ 10 meters of night vision Wi-Fi night vision mobile phone watch free domain name and the client software motion detecting sending the alarm photos to E-mail FTP etc. Android/iPhone/PC has its own client software 1: joined the PnP (plug-in and Play) function: Three complete set convenient to use simple strong penetrating power. 2: mobile client software using QR code scanning equipment convenient and safe. After good client software installed on the same phone can add many video camera equipment mobile phone memory card on the function of the video and photos. Using VSTARCAM independently developed EYE4 intelligent cloud platform just register an account can on the PC android mobile phone/tablet apple mobile phone tablet devices such as easy to use